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DIY Graduation Gifts

So you finished high school and it is time for you and your friends to step inside college campuses. That is great news! But, what do you gift your best friend as his or her graduation?

The following are some simple DIY gift ideas you may want to consider:

1. Professional business card package

Your friend will definitely need to make contacts in college, especially when the time comes to apply for internships and jobs. So, if you design an amazing business card that looks absolutely professional using your laptop, and then have it printed on gorgeous papers with gorgeous colors, it won’t go to waste. A set containing 250 cards is fine, no need to give thousands.

2. Freshmen year survival kit

We often forget to take things such as a screwdriver, bathroom flip flop, nail clipper, and the likes with us when going somewhere. You can capitalize on this forgetfulness by gifting your friend a kit that contains all the essentials that people tend to neglect or forget to take very often. Your friend will immensely appreciate your gift. Maybe not the first time the gift is received, but certainly after a few months of attending college.

3. Emergency cash frame

Cash is something we all need. But directly giving cash as a gift is not the best idea! So, you can let your creative juices flow a bit. For example, you can design a beautiful frame and put a few notes inside it. You do not have to put thousands of pounds, just whatever you are comfortable gifting. And be sure to write something funny on the photo contained by the photo frame, like ‘For Emergency Only’! Not only will your gift help your friend in future, but also make him or her smile due to the presence of the funny message.

4. Bundle of Books

Nobody likes to read books. Well, at least most people don’t. But, we are not talking about academic books here. Combine different books about surviving college and put them inside a package. ‘The Naked Roommate’ is one of the most famous books there is about getting through the freshmen year. You can find many other such books if you look for it. The goal is to help your friend feel comfortable in college and understand what to expect from college by reading the books.

Each of the above gifts has two purposes. First, to fulfill the tradition of gift giving, and second, to help the receiver in a subtle way!

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