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Sister to Sister DIY Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for a lovely sister can be a bit tough. Even more so if only DIY options are being considered!

So, to ease that toughness or confusion, we have listed a few ideas below, all DIY:

1. Chalkboard pendant necklace

This one involves making use of a chalkboard in order to make an oval shape out of it. The board acts as the pendant. Once the pendant is made, it needs to be attached to a chain. The cute aspect about this pendant is that one can write anything on the board, then remove whatever is written and write something else.

2. Rock finger ring

This gift involves using rock to craft a unique ring out of it. This idea is creative, and the gift is easy to make. For this, using a rare exotic rock is the way to go! If made nicely, this gift has the potential to become unforgettable.

3. Origami Necklace

One of the cutest necklaces on earth is also one of the cheapest. With the help of cheap but beautiful paper, an origami necklace that looks absolutely stunning can be prepared. There are not many complex steps involved. This is a great idea for those who are on a strict budget.

4. Braided t-shirt scarf

By braiding old t-shirts, it is not too hard to make a beautiful scarf. This one may be extremely cheap to make, but it looks extremely elegant, nonetheless. Especially, when combined with the right outfit and accessories.

5. Handmade soap

Handmade soap is another great gift to give to any sister, whether younger or older. That is because the number of ingredients that can be combined to make handmade soap is nearly unlimited. The imagination of the maker is the only limit. Well, almost.

6. Colorful clutch

To make a clutch that has the ability to impress everyone looking at it, knowing a bit of sewing is important. If that is not a problem, then giving a colorful clutch that is totally handmade from scratch is an amazing idea!

7. Message frame

Gifting a photo frame by embedding a beautiful cloth or photograph inside it that contains a message straight from the heart is never a bad thing. Well, as long as the receiver is emotionally close to the giver.

All of the above gifts can impress any sister. The gifts themselves are not important, what is important is the care that is put in preparing the gifts.

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