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Gift Ideas for the Gardene

Do you have a friend or relative who loves plants and gardens? If yes, then the following DIY garden gifts will make the person very happy:

1. Decorated tin herbs

To prepare this gift, you need to either buy a few tin cans or use tin cans that are sitting unused in your kitchen. First, decorate the exterior of the tin cans anyway you like. You can either wrap the cans using colorful papers or you can use paint. After decoration is completed, take pots which have herb seeds planted in them, and put the pots inside the decorated tin cans. This prevents metal contact with soil. In case the seeds are of non-edible plants, directly putting soil inside the tin cans is fine, too.

2. Herb salt jar

First of all, take a jar made of glass. Remove the label of the jar by using a mixture of equal amounts of oil and baking soda to rub on the label. Once the jar becomes clean, go out in your garden and get some herbs. Now, mix the herbs in order to prepare salt. After that, put the herb salt inside the glass jar and then seal the jar. Your herb salt gift is ready!

3. Rocky plant labels

This gift is a creative one, and it is not hard to make. All you have to do is go out somewhere where you can find small rocks and pick a few rocks that have good shape. After that, using a rock plant marker, write different plant or flower names on each of the rocks. You can even decorate the rocks by drawing patterns, lines, and other shapes. Once the rocks are ready, put them in a beautiful gift basket.

4. Paper seed tape

For this gift to come alive, you need to get yourself a thin strip of paper towel and some seeds you want to gift. Then, you need to prepare an adhesive by mixing flour with water, and cover the seeds with the adhesive. Once the seeds become somewhat sticky, stick the seeds in equal distances to the paper towel. For convenience, you can use artist’s brush to attach the seeds to the towel. After the adhesive dries, nicely roll the towel and put it inside a beautiful tin container.

The beauty of the above gifts is that they do not require any significant investment of money, time or effort on your part.

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