4 DIY Gifts for Your Kids to Make for Their Grandma

Instead of buying some artificial gift for your kids’ Grandma this holiday season, why not this time make your kids make something really special for their grandma? Why not gift something handmade?

Running short of ideas? Don’t worry. The following four ideas are all you need:

1. Grandma love mug

This one is a simple and popular gift. First of all, buy a coffee cup, preferably white in color. Then, get some ceramic paint pens. Then, let your kids draw a beautiful message on the cup, like ‘I love Grandma’ or something similar. The beauty of this gift lies in its simplicity and authenticity. That is, even though it is not complex at all, it is still very hearty as your kids’ handwriting in on the mug.

2. Colored footprints

Let your kids put their feet on paint, and then on a blank canvas. Make them repeat the steps a few times. Instead of a canvas, you can use a thick white paper, too. Just make sure that the footprints come out colorful and neat. Also, remember to write the names of your kids below their footprints. This gift is one that is sure to make it to the wall, like a classic painting!

3. Photo frames with photos

Take photos of your children in fun positions and frame them. Not just generic photos, though. Be sure to call a professional photographer so that the photos clicked come out professional, in high resolutions. As long as your kids have fun during the photo shoot, the photos will come out absolutely adorable. And, of course, your kids’ grandma will love them.

4. Personalized tote bag

Get a tote bag or handbag made of cloth, having a single color. Then, let your kids immerse their hands in different paints and make handprints on the bag. You can make the kids write their names and cute messages on the bag, as well. At the end of it all, grandma will be speechless!

What makes the above ideas special is that they are very personal. Each of the above gifts is perfect for the conveying love of your kids for their grandma. And so, it is a real possibility that grandma will be in tears after receiving any of the gifts from the above list!

So why wait? Gather your kids in one place and start an adventure right now to make Grandma feel like the luckiest grandma on earth.