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4 Cute and Easy DIY Gifts Every Teen Girl Will Love

Shopping for gifts for teen girls is not easy. In fact, going for shopping with teenage girls is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get a headache. Yet, the following DIY gifts are sure to be hit with every teen girl out there:

1. Bead makeup brush container

Every teen girl has an obsession with makeup brushes, and so, gifting a bead brush container for the bathroom is a hit idea! For this gift, cover a tin can using decorative papers and mod podge internally, as well as externally. Then, with the help of glue, stick filler beads all over the tin can on its external side. There is nothing more to it. Your gift is ready.

2. Heart shaped earrings

First of all, take a few heart jump rings. Then, get two circular jump rings and two earning wires. Now, open one heart jump ring, and attach it to another similar jump ring. Keep repeating this step until you have two chains containing about four or five heart jump rings each. After your chains are complete, attach the circular jump rings, and then attach the earning wires to the circular rings. Note that you can also use star jump rings or rings of any other shape to make this gift.

3. Hearty phone case

For this, take an iPhone case and attach a flowery half-heart paper on its backside to cover one side of the case. Then, cover the rest of the case area using tulip fashion glitters with the help of glue. Once the glue becomes dry, use beads or pearls to cover the merging line between the half-heart flowery paper and the area covered using glitters. Keep the case untouched for a few hours, and after that put it inside a gift packet.

4. Glittery coffee tumbler

Take a coffee mug having two walls. The mug should be made of plastic and should have a lid. Remove the lid and pull out the black portion of the cup. Just take the clear or whitish portion and spray some glue inside it. Then, spray glitters of different colors. To remove excess glitters, put the cup upside down and shake. Do not spray too much glitter and wash thoroughly before use.

Also to the above gifts, there are many other DIY gifts that have the potential to please teen girls. Just search the internet for hundreds of other cool ideas similar to the above ones!

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