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5 DIY Gift Baskets to Suit Different Personalities

Gift baskets can make absolutely fabulous gifts during holiday seasons and special occasions. But, how do you know which gift basket to give to whom?

Well, the following five ideas should help you make the decision:

Bookworm gift basket

If the recipient is a bookworm, you can prepare a nice gift basket by adding 2 or 3 books with a coffee mug. Then, include a gourmet cocoa, tea or coffee package with it, along with a cute little bookmark. Further, you can enhance the gift by adding a newspaper book reviews section, some snacks to keep the person reading in late nights, and a journal to keep track of books read.

Tea lover gift basket

To prepare the perfect gift for any tea lover, all you have to do is collect a gourmet tea bag set, a tea mug or a set of tea mugs, and a few other ingredients that make tea delightful. Then, put everything in a classy basket. You can even put the ingredients inside beautiful transparent canisters or mason jars to make the overall presentation more attractive.

Wine enthusiast gift basket

Take a wooden basket or a basket made of some other natural material, and put a gorgeous silky cloth to cover its bottom from the inside. Then, put a bottle of the favorite wine of the recipient. You can also add a nice bottle opener and a few snacks inside the basket. To make the gift personal, be sure to add a handwritten note.

Foodie gift basket

If the person about to receive your gift loves to prepare food, then you can make an ideal gift by combining inside a basket some exotic food salts, vanilla extract, truffle oil and vinegar or olive oil. Other than that, you may also want to include handmade pasta inside the package. Plus, putting a few recipe books inside will not hurt.

Movie fan gift basket

If the receiver is a die-hard movie fan who spends hours watching movies everyday at home, then nothing can be more perfect than gifting a movie gift basket. What you do is you put a package of strawberries in a basket and then make the package rich by adding one or two wine bottles. And do not miss the popcorn, of course. If the receiver loves candies, then make sure to include a few delicious candies, as well.

And try not to follow any of the above ideas word by word. Be creative and do your own thing to personalize your gift!

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