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Aysen Weekend Cabin in Chile

The Aysen Weekend Cabin in Chile is located nearly 180 feet above the level of water. It is accessible through a wooden walkway, extending for about a quarter of a mile. The cabin does not have many things that are man-made or artificial. Almost all things found inside the cabin and in its vicinity are very natural. The only exceptions are a bench which is unpadded and a stove of wood-burning variety.

Raw beauty of Patagonia

When you actually set your foot on the southern part of Patagonia, it will unquestionably blow your mind away even if you see its pictures a thousand times before actually visiting it. Resting and wondering around Torres del Paine, you will be able to find remarkable architectures all around you and cherish them in your heart. For example, you will find swanky eco-friendly lodges, sleek private properties, creative shelters and aesthetically appealing abodes. But that is not what Patagonia is really about. The place, at the heart of it, is about the wilderness that surrounds it, and about the raw beauty that ornaments it.

Purity as charm

The lush and wet nature of the area will hypnotize you. And you will find the coasts to be extremely beautiful. The refuge is not really sleek or swank, mind you. Instead, it is filled with simplicity and unadorned charm. Its purpose is to let you truly understand how wonderful nature is. Its purpose is to make you forget about everything artificial for a little while. Being a compliment to the Melimoyu Bay, the refuge is best enjoyed when you are relaxed and not analyzing every little thing in detail.

Why take the trip

Spending time in a weekend cabin is rarely about the cabin or the weekend. It is about fulfilling the need to take repose somewhere distant. It is about forgetting the everyday chores and finding a sense of peace in a temporary place. It is about understanding the nature and realizing that we are connected to it in every sense. And it is about looking back and being wistful and nostalgic, thinking what amazements the earth and the sky together can create! And that is why you need to forget about all your obligations and responsibilities for a while, and head to the Aysen Weekend Cabin.

Experiencing Aysen Weekend Cabin is nothing like experiencing other cabins. You have actually to be in the cabin to believe it!

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