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Japanese Forest House

The Japanese Forest House, located in Oregon, is one of the most unique weekend cabins in the world. Not just because of its purity of construction but also because of the rich story that backs it up.

Its location

In the midst of the coastal thickness of the Oregon forest, the Japanese Forest House lies on a permaculture farm’s edge, with the Nehalem flowing through its vicinity. The house can be reached from the Pacific Ocean by going west for about 15 minutes, or from Portland by going east for about 2 hours by a car.

Where inspiration came from

It was impulsiveness that led Brian Shulz, a boat builder, to purchase a small but unique brass sink. That sink, combined with his mantra of living locally, his aversion to all things artificial, and his appreciation for architectural honesty, inspired him to build the entire Forest House. It took Brian 18 months to construct the house featuring A-frame. Nowadays, the brass sink can be found embedded in a slab made of walnut that Brian found 8 years ago.

The construction process

It may sound astonishing, but nearly every material used on the building of the house was found within a radius of just ten miles, with the help of salvaging, sourcing or bartering. The materials that were exceptions were the wooden shingles made of wood, the R-value insulation, and a 200 sq. feet pad made of concrete. Fittings, furnishings, trimmings and windows were bartered, found on Craigslist or were already available on hand. The construction of the post and the beam was dominated by wood joiners. A few manufactured joiners had to be used to override caution, but that’s about it. Notably, here and there, some inconsistencies of woodworking are still visible, which make the house imperfectly perfect. The whole house required only about $11,000 in order to achieve its final perfection.

From the maker

Brian is all in for idealism, but he also believes in being a little bit practical in order to adhere the common sense. His story regarding the house primarily thanks to all those who helped him during the construction process in one way or another. Brian believes that it is the search that enriches our lives.

The Japanese Forest House gives you the opportunity to experience an ambience filled with the charm of a perfect size wooden stove and timber that is hardly found anywhere else. The house can be rented for $125 per night.

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