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Escape to the Californian Big Sur Cabin for the Weekend

Spending time in a weekend cabin can be fun, especially if the cabin is located in a beautiful scenic location having cliffs, like Big Sur.

In this piece, we talk about why Big Sur is an amazing destination for experiencing some relaxing time, and exactly where to go in Big Sur to have a great time.

The location

Big Sur is a region in the Central Californian coast that has scanty population. Perhaps you are already very aware that the place exists, as it was the highlight of a novel written by Henry Miller, and also, by Jack Kerouac. The landscape of Big Sur can be regarded as somewhat latent. The cliffs, made up with a combination of sandstone, marble, limestone, granite, schist and some other materials, look absolutely dreamy. Flowers like coastal pines, orchids, and many others, make the place look even more mesmerizing.

The past

Till the 1920s, Big Sur was not a name many people knew. It was just a wild stretch in the Californian region that had two families in it! However, that changed after the Highway 1 got opened in the year 1937. Slowly, owing to the emergence of the road constructed using prisoners and local laborers, Big Sur began to witness growing popularity. However, note that even today, Big Sur remains a completely natural region. That is because with a protectionist mentality, development in Big Sur has been contained for the most part.

The present

Currently, the region seems to have preserved most of its original charm. However, real estate costs are now astronomical in the area. As a result, only the elites can even hope to purchase a private cabin located in the region. For the common folks, Big Sur remains out of reach.

The escape

But all hope is not lost, though. There are some lodges now present in Big Sur that emerged during the 50s. Among them, one of the finest is the Big Sur Cabin. Located in the heart of Glen Oasks, the lodge features beautiful outdoor tubs, tasteful decorations of wood panels, and hypnotizing lighting. Since it is located between redwoods just next to a river, the cabin feels and appears like a truly private escape. The rock stoops and the extraordinary views are sure to bring out your creative side. Who knows, you may even end up writing the next great novel of America while you are there!

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