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Soleta zeroEnergy Homes

The Romanian green-tech firm FITS has recently showcased its new sustainable home range, called Soleta zeroEnergy. The range contains off-grid homes in its collection, which are available for purchase in a number of different sizes and shapes. Featuring a style that is rustic modular, the houses come with proverbial kitchen sinks.

Available Options

A number of different models fall under the zeroEnergy range. There is one unit which has a floor space of just 48 sq. meters or 516 sq. feet. Another unit is somewhat bigger, having a space close to 100 sq. meters. The latter is very suitable for families having five members or less. Note that, even though, the units are not very large, they do not feel tiny due to the application of clever space-saving techniques.

What you get

The houses make use of renewable sources of energy in order to allow the existence of life. Note that, even though, the houses have been primarily designed to suit lifestyles that are off-grid, it is very much possible to connect them to modern amenities, such as electricity or running water. Based on your need, you can make use of geothermal water heater inside a zeroEnergy house, too. Solar power and wind power are compatible with the houses, as well. In addition to that, the houses feature LED lighting and low-e windows. Further, to deal with cold days, the homes pack pellet-burning stoves. And finally, a computerized monitoring system tracks all activities going on.

Material and setup

Each of the houses of the ranges contains nearly 97 percent materials that have been recycled. Wood is the primary material used in construction. As far as setup is concerned, you can make use of a concrete foundation or a wooden foundation. Note that after setting up a house, you can even add extra sections later, owing to the modular concept.

Pricing and warranty

In order to buy the smallest of the lot, you need to shell out about £18,200 or €25,000. The larger unit, on the other hand, costs €57,000. Some buyers may feel that the dwellings are priced very high, but since you get a 10-year warranty with your purchase, the prices seem justified.

With its zeroEnergy range, FITS wants to achieve a number of ambitious goals. And so, it has been making attempts to showcase its offering to the world in many creative ways, including exhibiting one dwelling outside the Romanian US Embassy office, located in Bucharest.

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