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Super Easy DIY Homemade Gift Ideas

Most people absolutely love receiving homemade gifts; however, they also hate giving handmade gifts. That is because making a gift at home requires a lot of efforts, and also, time.

Fortunately, not every DIY gift idea demands hours of hard work. The following few gift ideas are super easy. You only need to spend less than half an hour to create any of these gifts:

1. Cat Mug

You don’t really have to do anything to make this gift. Well, or maybe, just a little work. Just take a white colored coffee mug, and paint an upside-down cat face on it using a porcelain pen. That is all! This gift may be extremely simple, but it is cute!

2. Recipe cutting board

For this, you have to buy a beautiful cutting board made of wood. After that, get a pen, a knife or whatever else suits you to describe a nice recipe on the board itself. In order to make your gift receiver the happiest, first find out what his or her favorite recipe is and then write it down on the board.

3. Easy friendship bracelet

This is a very creative gift. It combines the roughness of nuts with the tenderness of strings. What you do is you arrange the nuts in a beautiful way with a colorful string and form a friendship band. So neat!

4. Rope Flower Vase

To make this gift, take a flower vase made of wood or plastic, and arrange a beautiful rope in a circular way around it. Before fixing the rope, make sure to apply glue on the surface of the vase. Otherwise, the rope won’t stick. Once the rope sticks nicely to the vase, put a beautiful flower on it!

5. Kitty flats

This gift comes out best when red flats are used. Take a pair of red flats, or any other color you like, and paint the front portion black. After that, using white paint, draw a little cat on the already painted portion! It is cute, it is easy, and it is sure to get your gift receiver smiling.

If you keep making excuses as to why you cannot make a homemade gift for your favorite person, you have no room to make excuses anymore! Because the above gift ideas neither require too much time nor need too much money to be spent on them during the preparation phase.

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