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Cute DIY Gifts That Even 2 or 3 Year Olds Can Make

DIY gifts are sweet and touching. However, most DIY gifts are not really all that kid-friendly. That is, most DIY gift ideas are too complicated for kids to handle.

However, the following four gift ideas are so easy that even your 2 or 3-year-old will be able to make them without any problem, with little help from you of course:

1. Vibrant snowman
The actual preparation, in this case, requires less than 10 minutes; that is, as long as you do not count the time it takes for paint to dry! First, have a palm of your kid painted with white color and then let him hold the snowman ornament for a little while. Make sure that he doesn’t squeeze the ornament! When he lets go of the ornament, his finger marks will give rise to something like a snowman. After that, you can use acrylic paint and paint brush to art nose and other elements.

2. Beaded necklace
Take wooden beads and cover half of each bead with the help of painter’s tape. After that, allow your kid to paint each and every bead in any way he likes to. Once painting is done, take a yarn and fill it with the beads. After that, just trim the thing to a length that is desirable. Note that before you put the beads and yarn together, it is important to allow the paint to dry.

3. Cute colored tray
It is a simple hassle-free idea. Just get a nice breakfast tray made of wood, and some paint, and a paintbrush. Then, let your kid paint it whatever way he likes to. Anything is acceptable. Once he finishes painting, let the paint dry. When the tray becomes dry, stick stickers, magazine images, personal photos, etc. on it. Your gift is complete!

4. Colorful candle holder
Making this one is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is find a clear votive candle holder made of glass and collect a bit of rock sugar that has a nice color to it. Take some liquid glue and then cover the whole candle holder using the glue. Once the candle holder is covered, slowly sprinkle the colorful sugar. Let the holder dry. That’s about it.

And no matter which gift idea you pick from the above list, make sure that you have as much fun as possible with your little one during your preparation.

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