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Cheap but Absolutely Hearty DIY Gifts for Your Mom

Mother’s day is approaching pretty fast, but you haven’t yet bought any gift for your mom, have you? Or maybe, you are just thinking of gifting her something homemade this time? But where is the time and money for that, you ask!

Well, fret not! The following gifts are pretty quick to make and are surprisingly light on your pocket:

1. Fun photo bookmark

This is a fun gift that can make any mom smile. Take an old standing photo of your less than 10-year-old self and print it and laminate it. Then, cut the corners of the photo so that the only thing remains is you. After that, take a beautiful crafty thread having your mom’s favorite color, and attach it to your photo by making a hole in the top portion of the photo. Congrats! You just prepared your mom’s favorite bookmark!

2. Colorful planter

If your mom loves plants a lot, then you can give her a planter. Just take an ordinary planter, paint its exterior with a lovely color, and then repaint it to make the color stronger. After that, write a small one or two words note, like ‘Love you’ or ‘Favorite Mom’. To make your gift more special, you can even plant a seed of one of your mom’s favorite flowers!

3. Mason jar frame

Take a plastic mason jar and paint it with a beautiful color. And then cut a little-squared portion in one of its sides. Then, attach a nice picture of your mom to it, and seal the jar using plastic or some kind of laminated material. For added effect, you can even fit a beautiful candle inside the jar so that it glows!

4. Family serving tray

This one is pretty easy, but requires your creativity and a bit of background check. You need to know your family tree nicely to pull it off. Just make a beautiful family tree picture using your laptop, and then have it printed on a serving tray by some shop which specializes in such printing works. If family matters a lot in your home, your mom will find the gift absolutely delightful!

The above ideas are only general guidelines. There is no need to follow everything closely. You can just treat the gift ideas as rough outlines. And be sure to customize the gift you pick according to your tastes and your mom’s likings!

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