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Giving Your Place Uniqueness: Quirky Home Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Designing the home in a quirky way is not something everyone likes to do. Yet, those who like the idea want to do everything possible to make their space as unique and unusual as possible.

In case you have a particular interest in quirky home decor, this article will help you design your living space the perfect way.

How can you make everything quirky?

Quirkiness is all about acting creative and not opposing your imagination. You can just get some pineapple office bookends that keep all your creative books, or you can make use of a turquoise cockatoo that fits your bathroom shelf just fine. Some people even use silver stags for housing Christmas lights in the sideboard of the dining room. You can also put Moroccan lamps next to urban chandeliers. One more way to impress your guests instantly with your quirky imagination is by using an Anthropologie doorknob. Further, curtain rails painted by hand exhibit special kind of quirkiness. In addition to that, you can use unique decorative style tiles for the floor, as well.

Where to purchase your decor items?

When you are decorating your space the Italian or the urban way, or some other similar way, it is possible to plan every purchase. However, when the whole theme is quirky, it helps if you are adventurous and spontaneous. More often than not, you will find the quirkiest items when you are least expecting to shop! You may find some antique clock in an unusual shop like TK Maxx, or you may see an irresistible something when exploring one country shop with your best friend. At times, online stores like Achica, Rockett St. George, etc. Feature beautiful quirky items, too. The good part about these items is that you only get to buy one piece of a single variety. So you do not have to wonder if someone else on some other corner of the earth has it too!

What kind of ambience should you aim for?

Going quirky does not have any limits. You can combine modern art with antique furniture, lines with plain patterns, and any other combination you feel great about. The trick is to make sure that everything blends with everything else. There is nothing more to it.

How will other people react?

One thing that may be holding you back from letting your quirkiness go viral is the thought of being thought foolish. It is true that many people will not get your idea of fun; maybe some will even make jokes, disapprove or ridicule you in some way. But you will also find people who will genuinely love your taste. So do what you want!

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