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Rare Vintage Home Decor Ideas

Your house is where you spend most of your time, and so, its ambience needs to be soothing. Moreover, when it comes to soothing decoration, almost nothing beats vintage.

From flea markets to second-hand shops, from garage sales to seasonal offers, old antique items can be bought at cheap prices everywhere. The effect those cheap items have on your house interior is never cheap. That is because vintage items have a way of making a place look gorgeous and grand.

In cause you are not sure how to pull off that perfect vintage look, make use of the following ideas:

1. Pick the perfect doorbell

The doorbell of your house is the one item that plays the greatest role in making a first impression. Therefore, putting some thought into installing the perfect vintage doorbell is never a bad thing. Try using a string bell – something that rings when the string is pulled. You can also look for some other vintage doorbell style that appeals to you personally. Many people who decorate their house in a vintage way use knockers too, either with flower motif or lion motif.

2. Enrich initial impression with a nameplate

You can always enhance things up a bit by fitting a beautiful wood-crafted nameplate that has your name written on it, with either gold or brass letters.

3. Use vintage screen for all its glory

Sometimes, a room is best utilized by compartmentalizing it. If you feel that making a partition will bring out the best of a room, be sure to add a screen that has a vintage aura to the room. That way, you will achieve your goal, as well as increase the vintage feel of the house. You can use the vintage screen to separate the dressing area and the bed area of your bedroom, or to differentiate between the sitting area and the TV area of the living room.

4. Show your classic addiction with a gramophone

Placing a beautiful gramophone in your bedroom, study table or sitting room can add a different flavor of vintage sophistication. The great thing is; you can find many refurbished gramophones that even play songs for cheap prices.

5. Buy an old school dial telephone

Rustic dial telephones with copper or gold receiver do not have to be something that only appears in the movies. You too can make use of those in order to make your house lovelier!

6. Give the final touch with a chandelier

A magnificent chandelier is having wrought iron or crystal finish, can give an irresistible romantic feel to any room. So make use of that!

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