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Pulling Off Italian Decoration

The Italian decoration is one of the fascinating home design vibes around. Perhaps that aura of fascination has something to do with the mesmerizing arts of Italy, or perhaps the underlying reason is something else entirely. However, whatever that may be, decorating your living space the Italian way is always a lavish experience. So to appreciate and expand that lavishness, in this short article, we focus on a few captivating Italian country design ideas.

Designing your kitchen for sophistication

In order to impress your guests with Italian artistic flavor, you can paint your kitchen walls snow white. Then get a small, yet sophisticated, dining table - preferably round. After that, surround the table with four chairs. Then, touching the floor, you can embrace a chessboard look, by using brown tiles and white tiles in an alternating way. In addition, most Italian kitchens tend to be distinct in the sense that the chimney and stove are usually placed in the middle of the kitchen, instead of the corner or the side. So, you can certainly apply that trick. The whole setting is like using a stove in place of a kitchen island. Other than that, fitting a white single-line kitchen cabinet, having whitish tableware, is a good idea.

Making the bedroom authentically Italian

Italian bedrooms incline toward minimalism for the most part without parting ways with elegance. That effect can be achieved by using bed constructed with real wood. Even similar wooden furniture items can be used. In terms of color, furniture units do best in an Italian setting when soft brown is used. That is because there is something gorgeous about soft brown cabinets and beds. Apart from that, to truly bring out the best of Italian vibe, the bedroom floor can be laminated colorfully, and then covered with brownish gray carpet having floral hints.

Livening up your dining room

To make your dining room irresistibly attractive by embracing Italian style, you can make use of a table that has a rectangular cut. The number of dining chairs should be eight for the best effect. Note that many Italian dining rooms come alive due to the use of beautiful candles. Thus, light a few candles on the dining table and put a few near the fireplace to make the setting dreamlike. You can further make use of low-key wallpaper, maybe of a branched tree having white flowers or similar!

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