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Incredibly Touchy Gifts

Not buying or making gifts for your loved ones until the last minute is never a great feeling. But, if you found yourself in that exact position, do not worry. Not all is lost.

Thankfully, the following handmade gifts are easy to make:

1. Simple photo frames
You can either use plain glue or mod podge for this project. Whatever you use, you end up crafting a nice gift after a few minutes. Photo frames always make good gifts, even more so when you are creative enough to incorporate your best shots of the year.

2. Felted Ornaments
With a beauty radiating from simple stencils and colored felts, felted ornaments often make great gifts. The satisfying part is that it does not take a lot out of you to prepare these ornaments.

3. Movie gift baskets
This one is cheap and does not require any complex skills on your end. You just have to know which movies will be loved by the receiver the most. Once you figure that out, crafting the gift takes only minutes!

4. Lotion or Soap bars
The only difficult part of this project is visiting a health store in order to buy beeswax, cocoa butter, almond oil, etc. But after you obtain those ingredients, the task of making a lotion bar feels not only great, but also appears quite easy to make. These bars look cute and provide sweet intoxicating aroma.

5. Candy reindeers
With a few leftover crafts and recycled papers, it is easy to turn a candy bar into an exciting reindeer. This exceptionally cute gift always proves to be an incredible hit for the little ones.

6. Polaroid magnets
Now this idea is definitely fun, as it looks quite retro with throwback magnets. Just be sure to not get lost amidst the fun of sifting through your various family photos when picking the favorites for the project.

7. Candle photo holders
Letting anyone displays the fondest of memories by projecting monochrome photocopies, this kind of candle holder makes use of transparent contact papers in order to make images appear on glass votive holders. This one looks gorgeous, too.

8. Scrabble tile coasters
If you have a wordsmith friend or relative, then gifting a scrabble tile coaster should be good. With the ability of spelling out quotes and words for fun, these coasters can let imaginations flow. Also, extra tiles can be easily bought from a thrift store.

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