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Romantic Gifts

Surveys suggest that, on an average, lovers spend £119 on their Valentine’s gifts. However, that amount may be considered as expensive by many. Truth is, there is no reason to shoot for a costly item. Love can be represented in a number of affordable yet stylish ways, like the ones below:

1. Chococo cocoa pod
A lot of traditional confectionery products comes from the British brand Chococo. But almost all of its other creations pale in comparison to its insanely popular Cocoa Pod that costs just below £30! Having fresh, delicious cream roll nineteen centimeters long, this chocolate heaven is an ideal gift for anyone.

2. Jam-filled heart biscuits with shortbreads
One very unique gift that appears too simple to work is heart-shaped cookies combined with delicious shortbreads. Flowers and hearts have always proved to be an integral part of Valentine’s Day. In today’s world, people interpret those gifts a lot differently than they used to decades before. Still, there is no doubt that such gifts touch the hearts of people like nothing else!

3. Retro sweets with coconut ice
The treat of retro sweets with coconut ice makes an incredible gift, too. This gift is cheap, this gift is creative, and this gift has the ability to make people remember nostalgic days with fondness. Anyone with even a remotely sweet tooth is going to adore this one absolutely.

4. Alluring trinket box
For the most part, trinkets tend to be on the expensive side. Yet, there are some beautifully crafted and well-designed trinkets that can be bought for £40 or less! Even some very alluring designs come cheap, too. The trick is to go for a small or medium sized trinket box.

5. Ordinance survey map
At first, this idea may sound a bit boring, but it is far from that. If you have a shared location with your partner that means a lot to both of you, then making a map of that location with the help of gorgeous snaps and fun coordinates is an excellent idea. You can even include a beautiful cover photo and a personalized heartfelt message to make the gift lovelier!

6. Lavish flowers
Gifting roses is not the only option in Valentine’s Day. If you do not want to pay a hefty amount for roses, or think that roses are too bland because everyone gives them, then purchase something unique like orchids. You can get a breathtaking bunch of orchids for around £20 or less!

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