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Crafty DIY Homemade Gifts

Suddenly realizing that you have not even visited the gift shop can make you anxious. And that anxiety increases as you realize that you are short of funds to buy all the gifts you need to buy! But fret not, the following gift ideas will make your friends, relatives, and colleagues love you, but without hampering you with enormous expenses. If you are a savvy shopper, you will not spend more than £10 per gift:

1. Exciting sharpie mugs
A vast number of online tutorials teach you how to make incredible sharpie mugs. Now this gift is not for everyone so you will have to decide who will love it and who will not love it. But be sure to watch or read some tutorials concerning sharpie mugs. You will find markers that don’t wash off. It is a fun project and super easy one!

2. Occasional fabric candles
This one is a very simple DIY project. You just need beautiful glade candles, and a bit of scrap fabric. You can change the style of fabric to match the occasion, which is fantastic! You will find many fabric candle tutorials online. Also, you will probably notice that some of those candles are absolutely and irresistibly cute!

3. Soap made from coffee beans
Coffee bean soap is something not very common, yet it is absolutely loved by anyone who likes coffee. The soap can be prepared within just 15 minutes with the help of 3 or more ingredients. There are a number of ways how to make the soap, but the basic rules are the same. If you have people in your life who are crazy about coffee, gift them coffee bean soaps.

4. Aromatic sugar scrubs
Sugar is great for exfoliating, as well as softening, skin. That is because sugar naturally contains alpha-hydrolic acid. You can make a sugar scrub with the help of as little as 3 ingredients! Besides, the whole thing takes just minutes, not hours, to prepare. When you buy sugar scrubs in stores, you end up paying a lot! Not so with a homemade scrub. What’s more is that the scrub smells wonderful, as well!

5. Homemade peppermint-rich marshmallows
Homemade marshmallows are delicious! And that is even further more so when you use peppermint to prepare marshmallows. Not only is making peppermint marshmallows an easy process, but also cheap. You can get them for like £16 from William Sonoma! In case you are not fond of marshmallows, you can gift homemade peppermint-rich bark, too!

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