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Choose the Right Furniture for Your Home Office or Work Space

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home office, you may be deterred from what you actually need. For example, that modern looking chair might not be as comfortable as it looks. Follow these tips and tricks for choosing proper furniture for your home office. Your first step should be to establish what the space is used for. Are you paying bills in your home office, or do you work from home? Sitting in an uncomfortable chair is one thing, but having to sit in an uncomfortable chair while you work all day can be detrimental to your business. Being uncomfortable while you work can lead to decreased productivity - so it's important to choose your chair based on comfort, rather than whatever is on sale at your local retailer.

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Creative Ways to Re-use Ugly Furniture

At some point in their life, everyone has a seemingly useless piece of furniture. Maybe it is that hand me down round end table that doesn't fit anywhere, or maybe it is an old bed frame that has since been replaced by the hand carved wooden sleigh bed of your dreams. Or maybe it is not, in fact, useless, just really REALLY ugly. Whatever the item, you are now faced with a dilemma; find a way to make it useful and attractive, or get rid of it.

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DIY Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

Cleaning leather furniture at home is a scary proposition. Furniture cleaning, at best, is iffy, but when it comes to the new leather sofa or leather chair, what cleaning materials, products to use, techniques and things to avoid must you be aware of?

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